Best Commuter Bike Under 200 [Reviews in 2022]

The best commuter bikes under 200 are among the best, most affordable bikes currently available in the market. Many kids would love to opt for these commuter bikes under 200 as their first bikes. However, you need to check a lot of things while opting for these incredible bikes under 200.

There are various incredible bikes available out there, and there is a lot of variety in it. Therefore, here we will state the best bikes under 200 available in the market. Check our list below to know about the best commuter bikes under 200.

Top chart of the best commuter bikes Under $200


Rating: 4.5/5
Hiland Cruiser Bike 20 Inch Youth Bike City Commuter Bike Blue

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Rating: 4.4/5
Xspec 20" 7 Speed Folding Compact City Commuter Bike

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Rating: 4.6/5
20in Folding Bike – YAWOTS 7 Speed Foldable Bike

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Rating: 4.2/5
Cobb Adult Road Bike

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Rating: 4.3/5
ACE SPEC 26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Men

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Rating: 4.5/5
Road Bike, Shimano Full Suspension 700C Racing Bike

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Rating: 4.2/5
Vilano Step-Through City Bike 7 Speed Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter

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Quick Picks

#1. Hiland Cruiser Bike 20 Inch Youth Bike City Commuter Bike: Superlative construction and aesthetic look are the virtues that get this item on the list of the best under $200 commuter bike.

The premium-grade Carbon steel frame makes the bike sturdy and durable without escalating the weight. The front-facing lights make it safer for the rider to ride this bike day and night.

#2. Xspec 20″ 7 Speed Folding Compact City Commuter Bike: Buyers love this bike for its sleek and trim design, and the bike takes the minimum space to accommodate itself.

It comes almost ready to use, and you need to put in the minimum effort and time to assemble it. Reviews suggest that you are going to enjoy the optimum comfort and convenience in the course of riding.

#3. 20in Folding Bike – YAWOTS 7 Speed Foldable Bike: It comes with 7-level speed shifters that make it easier for the rider to control the riding conditions and the traffic congestion. The bike is equally suitable for riding through all surfaces.

You will love this commuter bike on the first impression for its aesthetic and stylish appearance.

#4. Cobcob Adult Rode Bike: You will love riding this bike as it promises you maximum comfort and convenience. It is easy to control the bike in the course of riding.

The bike is suitable for all riders, irrespective of their physical features. The best part is that you need to put the minimum and time to assemble the bike once you unpack it.

#5. Vilano Step through City Bike 7 Speed Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter: If you are looking for a sturdy commuter bike and comes with a sturdy look, it is the best option to choose.

It comes with multiple speed-shifters that make it easier for the commuter to control the riding speed. The construction is lightweight, and it takes the minimum space to accommodate itself.

Why should you need the commuter bike under $200?

Why should you need the best commuter bike under 200

The commuter bikes come with a plethora of benefits for the buyer. You can expect to reap back the best value in return for the cost. Here comes the key point that upholds the reasons to invest in the top commuter bike under 200:

  • Enhanced flexibility:

The best part about the commuter bikes is that it offers you the maximum flexibility and freedom of movements. It can easily pass through the narrowest lanes, wherein it is impossible to commute in other vehicles.

Moreover, it becomes easier for the user to park these bikes because it takes the minimum space to accommodate itself.

  • Suitable for all driving conditions:

Another substantial reason for buying these bikes is that the commuter bikes are suitable for all kinds of driving conditions. Whether you need to ride through the congested roads or ride through highways, you will enjoy the most pleasant trips.

You can even ride on these bikes through the beaches or the hillsides. Even if you need to ride through heavy traffic conditions, multiple speed-shifters make it easier for the rider to control the bike.

  • Eco-friendly:

Commuter bikes are beneficial not only from personal perspectives but also from the social perspective. It is eco-friendly and never challenges the ecological balance. Thus, by embracing these bikes, you can check the rising rate of environmental pollution.

  • No perpetual expenses:

It deserves a special mention that you need not incur any ongoing expenses on these bikes. Thus, you can have significant savings that you would incur in fuels. Besides, these bikes demand the minimum expenses in maintenance and repair that further reduce ongoing expenses.

Biking regularly optimizes your physical activities, and this makes you all the more active and agile.

The best commuter bikes under 200

1. Hiland Cruiser Bike 20 Inch Youth Bike City Commuter Bike Blue

Hiland Cruiser bike is one of the best companions for your daily journey in the city-roads or countryside. Everyone can enjoy a fabulous riding experience with these well-designed and fascinating bikes. These specially customized slightly raised handlebars ensure upright riding and minimize shoulder and back strain.

The royal-blue body gives itself an attractive look. The alloy rims also provide more stability to your ride.

Moreover, the bike has good brakes, a solid frame, and some extra features like a light, bell, and luggage to carry various items to make a carefree trip. It’s all about your smooth, safe and comfortable riding. Also, it comes up with an adjustable seat to maintain a height for your relaxation.

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  • Amazing High-Carbon Steel frames are available that will provide you a reliable riding experience.
  • Lightweight alloy rims with linear brakes provideclear, controlled braking with more durability and stability.
  • You can adjust a safe height for your riding as thereis a simple seat clamp on the seat post.
  • Attractive ATB-type resin pedals give the riders aresponsive feel.
  • Front-facing lights and bells are really helpful togive you extra care at night.


  • There are no gears in these single-speed bikes.

2. Xspec 20″ 7 Speed Folding Compact City Commuter Bike

The XSpec bike reduces your problem of taking pesky bike racks or locking them in public spaces with risk. Besides, you can fold it neatly in seconds. Thus, your bike can give company to you wherever you need it.

The Xspec bike can be stored perfectly in the back of a car too. You can make your ride to the office easy, and parking will not be a problem anymore; store in the closet, and you are good to go. The weight is only 36 lbs, and you can fold it into a portable size. Xspec Bikes offer more convenient portability that makes a great ride in addition.

Also, these bikes are featured with the RD-TZ50 Rear Derailleur and SL-TX30 Shifter with a 20″ High Tensile Steel Folding. The 7-speed high gear provides you adventurous experience, and you can slow down quickly with the Steel V Brake. A uniquely designed Folding Pedal is available. Handlebars are made with Lightweight alloy.

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  • The alloy wheels come with High Grade 20″ x 1.75 Road Tires.
  • 20″ High Tensile Steel Folding Frame.
  • It includes convenient latches for folding and opening.
  • The folded Dimension: 29″ L x 24″ H x 13″ W approx..
  • Max User Weight: 220 lbs.


  • No such cons found.

3. 20in Folding Bike – YAWOTS 7 Speed Foldable Bike

This is one of the best commuter bikes under 200 available in the market. This 20in folding bike has incredible benefits a customer would look for in these bikes. If you are trying to get the best commutes available, this bike can be one of the greatest options for you.

With this folding bike, you can easily leave behind the traffic jams and the frustrated crowded bus rides, and this way, you can save a lot of time of your day. The high tensile steel folding frame is one of the greatest benefits of opting for these bikes. It makes comfortable the students around. Also, the upholstered seats and the durable wheels are two other important aspects of these bikes.

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  • This is a seven-speed folding bike.
  • These bikes are very easy to use with the upholstered seats.
  • It has a 20″ high tensile steel folding frame.
  • The wheels are more durable than any other bikes available in the market.
  • This bike is folding, and you can use its portability.


  • You may need to assemble the bike after its arrival.

4. Cobb Adult Road Bike

These unisex commuter bikes are yet another incredibly affordable option to opt for when trying the best commuter bikes available in the market. This adult folding bike comes in an upgraded frame suspension included that will help you to reduce stress.

Furthermore, this bike will help you to get the best driving comfort. It is designed for riding comfortably. Also, the manufacturer uses the best high-carbon steel to create them. It has come up with double suspension in a 21-speed gear.

Therefore, this is another great option for newbie riders who love adventure. These bikes have 26″ inches tires to keep you safe on the road.

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  • Free pedals and comfortable shoes available with the package you opt for.
  • These bikes are designed in such a way that they can be durable.
  • High and wide Tires are another incredible feature of these marks.
  • Pedals and comfortable seats will come with the package.
  • It is designed with a high-carbon steel mountain frame.



  • No such cons found.

5. ACE SPEC 26 Inch Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Men

This incredible commuter bike under 200 is designed with high-quality carbon. The saddle of these bicycles includes a double spring for more riding comfort. ACE SPEC has delivered some of the best commuter bikes inside a budget, one of their best. These bicycles are lightweight that includes alloy linear-pull brakes folding bike. These bikes also do not take much space. These bikes provide a smooth braking force because of their lightweight nature and alloy linear-pull brakes.

The 700C tires will help you to enhance the rolling power for all-terrain rides. Also, these premium quality bikes include 21-speed at affordable prices. The unique design and easy assembly are some other benefits of using these bikes.

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  • Ultra-light folding bikes with linear alloy pull brakes
  • This is an incredible entry-level bicycle with 21-speed at affordable prices
  • Unique design and easy assembly of these ACESPEE cycle brand
  • High-carbon steel made bike is very durable
  • These bikes promote a comfortable ride.


  • These bikes only have a three-month warranty

6. Road Bike, Shimano Full Suspension 700C Racing Bike

This incredible motorbike with 21 speeds dual disc brake is one of the best mountain bikes currently available in the market. These are high-quality bikes, designed with a solid frame. Made with high-quality carbon steel material, these bike frames are excellently durable.

The spoke wheels have incredible toughness, and they are connected with elasticity and impact resistance. The external force is buffered and also dispersed by the spokes.

This fantastic mountain bike will provide you some great safety benefits. It includes a Shimano drivetrain and powerful disc brakes that can easily help you increase your safety options. Also, this road bike is an incredibly convenient companion for both road and off-road adventures.

Packed with so many incredible features, this bike can be an incredible gift for your kid’s birthday.

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  • Durable, high-quality carbon made body
  • It comes with Shimano’s with powerful disc brakes
  • It has 21-speed shifters for easier shifting of speed
  • This is an incredibly convenient bike that provides safety
  • Durable spoke comes with great toughness


  • Does not come assembled; putting the things together to assemble it can be hard.

7. Vilano Step-Through City Bike 7 Speed Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter

This is one of the best hybrid city bikes available under 200. It is the best bike to ride around town and wander on errands. Ride against the tide against this incredible hybrid bike available in the market. This classic-looking bike will provide you with incredible riding comfort. Hop on it and start pedaling.

Moreover, the matching suspension and comfortable saddles and grip will increase the riding comfort of these bikes. The best part is the water bottle mounts and the rack eyelets.

Also, this bike includes seven gears. Therefore, it is a safe bike for your kids to drive around the neighborhood. It is one of the best gifts for your kids as the first bike of their life.

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  • Retro urban style with step-thru steel frame
  • Includes seven gears, and seven-speed twist grip shifters
  • The 700C wheels with linear-pull brakes for incredible stopping power
  • Include platform pedals and locking kickstand
  • It is a durable bike to opt for


  • You may need assembly and tuning of the bikes

Small bikes for adults

The small bikes for adults are ideal to use on rugged trails, streets and even sidewalks. They look like the real thing but they are only designed for one person. These adult sized bikes can be used by children as well but there is a weight limit that they must not exceed.

A child should never ride an adult bike because it will cause them to have balance problems which could lead to injuries or other issues. If you are looking for a bike that has all of the features of the larger ones then you need to consider these types of bicycles instead!

Top 5 small bikes for audelts:

  1. ECOTRIC Electric Bike for Adults ‘Motro Cruiser Electric Bicycles’
  2. Schwinn Adult Folding Bike ’20 inch Wheels’
  3. Sailnovo Electric Bicycle -15.6mph 27Miles
  4. Heybike Mars Electric Bike –  20″ x 4.0 Fat Tire Bicycle
  5. Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike

Folding bike under 200

When you are looking for a folding bike under 200, it is important to do your research. There are many different types of bikes that fit into this price range and finding the right one for you can be difficult. The most important thing to keep in mind when searching for a folding bike under 200 is that it must have sturdy frame construction because the last thing you want is an unstable ride. If you are on a budget but still want quality, here are some great options at prices between $100-$200!

  1. OUTROAD OUTDOOR – Folding Mountain Bike
  2. COZYPAY Folding bike 26 inch 21 Speed
  3. Columba Folding bike 26 inch Folding
  4. IDS Home folding bike
  5. Eurobike Folding Bikes – 27.5/26inch Mountain Bicycles

Best city bikes under 200

Are you looking for a bike that is good quality and won’t break the bank? We’ll be taking a look at some of the best city bikes under $200.

These bikes are perfect for commuting to work or riding around town with friends on those warm summer nights. In this article, we will talk about what these types of bikes have to offer as well as some pros and cons of each one so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next bicycle.

Top 3 City bikes under $200

  1. Vilano City Bike 7 Speed Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter for Adults
  2. Hiland City Bike- 700C Wheels with Single-Speed for Man Woman
  3. Hiland City bike-  20/24 Inch Kids Mountain Bike

How to choose the commuter bike under $200?

A wise buyer deserves to get back the best value in return for investment. It holds while buying the commuter bikes as well. If you are going to buy it for the first time, you will find it difficult to make the best purchase decision. Thus, here is your guide to decide on the top commuter bike under 200:

Constructional aspects:

It is the constructional aspect that determines the worthiness of a product. You need to keep this point in mind while you look around for the best commuter bike. You should consider the material involved in construction. Ideally, it would help if you opt for bikes constructed with sturdy and durable materials. Consequently, it will make the bike compatible to withstand wear and tear due to daily use. It ensures that you get back the best value in return for the cost.

Look and Appearance:

Even if considering the constructional excellence is very important, you cannot compromise on the look and appearance of the commuter bike. The products from the top brands feature an aesthetic and stylish look that will enable you to attract people’s attention around you. You will enjoy such bikes!!

Adaptability with all riding conditions:

You will require riding through different riding conditions. Therefore, before purchasing the commuter bike, consider if it is suitable for all riding conditions. The best commuter bikes come with multiple speed-shifters that enable the rider to control the bike in the best possible manner.

Suitability for riders with all body features:

You must consider the suitability of the commuter bike for riders with all body features. It will allow you the flexibility to share the bike with your endeared ones.

Assembly needs:

It is crucial to consider the efforts and time you need to assemble the bike’s components after you unpack it from the package. The best under $200 commuter bike comes almost completely assembled. Thus, you can start riding these bikes almost immediately after unpacking.

Low maintenance needs:

One of the key reasons to opt for the commuter bike is the low maintenance needs. The items from the top brands demand the minimum effort and time in maintenance.

It becomes easier to make the right purchase decision if you consider the points stated above. Consequently, you can easily identify the commuter bike.

Buying Guide to the commuter bike under 200

Buying Guide to the best commuter bike under 200

  • Frame Construction

It does not matter what kind of bike you are getting; the frame construction is the first thing you should consider. The performance and the comfort of the commuter bike will depend mainly on the frame construction. You can either have steel or aluminum frames.

  • Bike Size

The comfort of the user depends on the proper size of the bike. An adequate size commuter bike can provide you with the most relaxing rides, whereas an unfit bike can demotivate you from those biking sessions. Choose the right size of the motorcycle according to your height and go for a test ride before you make the purchase.

  • Design

When you are using the commuter bike for your daily work, you should choose it according to your personality. Most of the commuter bikes have a sleek finish. You can also buy commuter bikes that come with a vintage look. Hence, design is a vital factor when it comes to the commuter bike.

  • Brake

You will be riding the commuter bikes with other vehicles on the road. Therefore the brake, including the disc brake and the caliper brake, should be precise and smooth. Choose a commuter bike that has brakes in both the front and the back wheel for better control over the commuter bike.

  • Suspension

If you are commuting on an uneven road, your bike needs to digest the vibration and shocks of the road. To ensure a smoother performance, the company should equip the bike with a proper suspension system. Though it increases the bike’s overall weight, it is vital to have a suspension for leisure rides.

  • Wheel and tires

The wheels and tires of the bike somehow predict the performance of the bike. The wheel of the bike contains a metal rim which increases the durability of the tire. You should also ensure that the bike’s tire should have a good quality rubber that can produce the right amount of traction while riding. To have a smoother ride, high-quality tire is essential as it absorbs vibration while riding. Lastly, the tire should be durable and not wear out quickly.

  • Handlebar

A commuter bike comes with different designs of frames. To enjoy a pain-free and stress-free ride, you should always go for a commuter bike handlebar that provides you with an upright sitting position. The aerodynamic riding position of the handlebar can give comfort to the rider and hence, one of the most opted options when it comes to choosing your commuter bikes.

  • Gearing and Crankset

A single-speed fixed gear should be there in an ideal commuter bike. Most of the time, you will ride the bike on a paved surface. Then, the single-speed fixed gear will help you a lot. However, the gearing mechanism increases the bike’s weight, but if your bike does not have a proper gearing mechanism, it will be challenging to switch the bike’s speed.

  • Bike Weight

Because of the Steel frame of the commuter bike, it weighs more than the mountain bike. The commuter bike performs well on paved urban roads.

  • Budget

Depending on the quality features and construction, the price of the bike may vary. You do not require a massive amount to buy commuter bikes and get a decent bike under 200. These bikes can provide you with quality as well as durability.

User guide of the commuter bike

User Guide Of the best commuter bike under 200

  • Frame:

The constructional aspect is the primary consideration point for buying the commuter bike. Besides, you must focus on the frames. In this regard, choosing the ones with aluminum, steel, or alloy frames is the best possible move. These materials are sturdy and durable. They can last the longest time. The best part is that it is lightweight. It makes it easier to control the bike in the course of a ride and parking.

  • Speed-shifters:

You will keep riding through various riding and traffic conditions. For example, you will keep riding through the busy streets. Likewise, you are likely to ride through the countryside and highways. Hence, the bike should have a speed control mechanism that will control the speed as per the riding conditions. The best commuter bikes come with multiple speed-shifters that allow the riders to change the speed as and when required easily.

  • Robust tires:

You cannot expect to drive through the butter at all times. From time to time, you need to ride through the most challenging and adverse surfaces. In such instances, you inevitably need robust tires that can withstand all challenges in riding. The tire should have the right proportion so that you can easily ride through planes and rough surfaces.

  • Solid brakes:

The most important part of the course of riding is safety. Hence, you need to ensure that the bike you buy features a robust braking system. It will allow you to bring the bike to a stop instantly, without disturbing the balance. It will reduce the chances of slips and falls considerably. 

  • Functional Storage facility:

Another crucial aspect to consider while buying the commuter bike is the functional storage capacity. For instance, there should be fenders and racks that will allow you to carry considerable loads in the course of riding. Thus, it will become easier to carry necessary items, especially when you out for a long-distance ride.


Needless to state, a commuter bike will involve lots of accessories. Your guide suggests that you opt for the ones that come with the accessories included in the package. If you have to buy these necessary accessories separately, it will escalate the cost significantly.

Last but not least, please consider the warranty coverage of the commuter bike before investing in it. If the bike malfunctions or there are issues with the parts, you will be eligible for free replacements.

How much should I spend on a commuter bike?

How much should I spend on a commuter bike

You will find a plethora of options to consider. All these items come with their respective features and functions. Likewise, there will be different sets of pros and cons for these bikes. It would be best to prepare your spending plans, considering the features and functions you want in your bike.

Consider the features you need:

The best commuter bikes come loaded with features and functions that aim to make riding a pleasant and hassle-free experience. You cannot compromise with the comfort and convenience, and you may not need all features and functions. Remember, the more features in a commuter bike, the higher its cost will be. So, it would help if you considered what all features are inevitable for you and what all are optional. To keep the cost low, refrain from the ones that majorly include the features and functions you may not need.

Look for the ones that come assembled:

If you have to assemble the bike to a significant extent, you will inevitably need to call professional assistance. It will escalate the overall cost. Hence, it would help if you looked for the ones that come majorly assembled and complete the remaining task yourself.

Accessories included:

The bike will include various accessories and parts. You need to look for the ones that include these items within the cost. Else, you will end up escalating the cost if you have to purchase these units separately.

If you are likely to ride the bike once in a while, it will be wise to consider buying a used bike. It will enable you to incur some significant savings. But, if you decide to purchase such a bike, it is crucial to ensure that it is in perfect riding conditions. Look around for special deals and offers that will make the purchase all the more economical.

Top features of the best commuter bikes

  • Kind of commuter

According to your riding style and your commute distance, you should opt for the commuter bike. People who want to have a comfortable ride within a short path, like visiting their university campus or the local market, need to look for a commuter bike that can provide a relaxed tour. However, people living in the mountain region should opt for gravel or cross bikes.

  • Maintenance

With our busy lifestyle, it becomes challenging to maintain a proper mode of transportation. Most commuter bikes do not require any maintenance; however, bikes with multiple gears require a little care.

  • Comfort zone

The pedal accelerates the speed of your bike. The best commuter bikes under 200 have flat pedals which fit the working sneakers or walking shoes. You can also get comfort using the cycling shoes while using the commuter bike.

  • Body of commuter bike

The commuter bike comes in four kinds of body metals.

  1. Aluminum– It is one of the most common frame materials, reliable, stiff, and extremely lightweight. It absorbs better shocks while driving.
  2. Carbon fiber- It is the most widely used material for building the body of commuter bikes. This material can manipulate into aerodynamic shapes. Especially for entry-level bikes, this is one of the common materials which is lightweight and stiff.
  3. Titanium- If you want to have a smoother riding experience, you should go for commuter bikes made of titanium. The titanium provides a smoother ride as it absorbs the vibration of uneven roads.
  4. Steel- The steel frames are very comfortable, stiff, and durable if they can be easily repaired and more affordable than any other materials.

Why do we recommend those commuter bikes under 200?

You will find endless options on commuter bikes to consider once you start exploring the market. However, the ones reviewed above features exceptionally positive ratings. It implies these items have the worthiness to match your expectations. You can invest in these bikes, expecting the best value in return for the cost. Here are the reasons for endorsing these commuter bikes over the closest alternatives:

Excellent construction:

The first and foremost point for endorsing these bikes is their excellent construction. It involves excellent materials that make these bikes sturdy and durable.

Strong style statement:

These bikes feature the most aesthetic and stylish look that enhances your fashion statement in the course of a ride.

Ready to use:

These commuter bikes come almost completely assembled. Hence, you can start riding after you unpack it. Thus, you can escape the hassles and hardships of major assembly works.

Excellent control:

You will find a superlative control mechanism in these bikes. It enables the rider to adjust to the riding conditions and ride safely.


Reviews suggest that these bikes are suitable for riding through different surfaces, riding conditions, and traffic congestions. It is one of the key factors to prioritize these bikes over the closest alternatives.

Functional Storage:

Especially when you need to ride over long distances, you will need to carry some items. These bikes come with significant storage capacities that allow you to carry the necessary items in the course of riding. You can attach or detach these units as per your needs.

Competitive price:

Last but not least, these bikes serve significant utilities yet come within reasonable rates. Therefore, you get to win the deals regarding the product quality and price. What more can you expect?

What is the best bike for commuting to work?

The best commuter bike is that one that addresses your needs with maximum relevance. It requires you to approach the purchase in a considerate manner. Here is your guide to aid you in informed purchase decision making:

  • The bike should accommodate itself within the minimum space. Unless it happens, you will find it difficult to park the bike in the parking slot on your office premises.
  • Available carriage slot: you are likely to carry some items when you go to work. Hence, the commuter bike must come with available storage slots. It will make it easier to carry the necessary items to work.
  • Good speed control: while you are riding to your office, you will ride through the congested traffic and within the city. Hence, the bike should feature an excellent control mechanism.
  • The bike should promote comfort and convenience: you should not experience stress and pressure while riding the bike. Else, if you ride to your office on a bike that exerts pressure, you will not be in the right state to perform productively.

Suppose you are still finding it tough to identify the most suitable commuter bike. In that case, you should refer to the reviews and ratings. Alternatively, you may seek personal endorsements and recommendations. The bikes featuring positive reviews hold all the potential to match your expectations.

These bikes are more reliable and trustworthy than their closest alternatives. You will never regret at a later stage investing in these commuter bikes.

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