Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under 300 [Reviews in 2022]

Off-road biking is one of the greatest adventure sport of human beings. Although most boys enjoyed it until now, women have also started trying their hands on it. Women-specific bikes are well customized with attractive designs, different technical features, and it provides comfortable riding.

With these bikes, women can now feel the adrenalin rush of mountain biking too. There is no substitute for these bikes, especially not on the rocky terrains or steep slopes. The point is these bikes are so stylish and enjoyable that it makes a perfect off-road companion for women.

Top chart of women’s bike under $300usd

Mongoose status 2.2 Women's Mountain Bike, 26- Wheels, 21- Speed Shifters
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Hiland 26/27.5 Inch mountain bike aluminum frame 24 Speed with a lock-out suspension fork for women
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24" Royce Union RTT Womens 21-speed Mountain Bike, Aluminum frame, Trigger shift, White
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Roadmaster R8047WMDS Women's Granite Peak Mountain Bike, 26" Wheels Purple
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Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain Bike
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Roadmaster Granite Peak 26" Ladies Mountain Bike
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Huffy 26" Trail Runner Women's Mountain Bike, Black and Pink
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Dynacraft Mountain-bicycles Eco Ridge
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Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike for kids, Featuring 15-Inch/Small Steel Frame and 21-Speed
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Mongoose Maxim Girls Mountain Bike, 24-Inch Wheels
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Why the following products are the best?

1.Mongoose Status 2.2 Women’s Mountain Bike: The bike has an MTB aluminum frame with a front suspension fork and hydroformed tubing. The 26-inch wheel support 64 to 74 inches tall riders and have light, durable alloy rims. Complete with 21 speed-shifters for smoother gear changes and front, rear V brakes for quick stops.

2.Hiland 26/27.5 Inch Mountain Bike: It’s the ideal bike for beginners as it features double-disc brakes and 24 speed-shifters for more control. The 26 to 27.5-inch wheels with lock-out suspension ensure better riding on forest ways, roads, and highways. The 16-inch frame is perfect for individuals falling within the 5’1 to 5’9 height range.

3.Royce Union RTT 24″ 21-Speed Mountain Bike: This bike has a strong, light aluminum frame with 21 speeds via a rear indexed derailleur. You can switch to various speeds using trigger shifting using your thumb or index finger. The linear-pull alloy brakes and the alloy, machined wheel rims give you a superior experience. The brake pad ensures smooth stops.

4.Roadmaster R8047WMDS 26″ Granite Peak Mountain Bike: It’s a great all-around mountain bike that works on paved streets and rugged paths. It’s got a steel frame with a front suspension fork. Tires have a knobbly tread texture, and the alloy rims offer durability with grip. The bike has 18-speed twist-shifters with a rear derailleur.

5.Mongoose Ledge 2.1 26″ Mountain Bike: This bike has a full suspension aluminum frame and is lightweight. It features a padded seat, and the handlebars are positioned for enhanced balance. It has V-shaped brakes in the rear and the front. Besides, it is an affordably priced best women’s mountain bike under 300 with a comfortable seat and derailleurs that handles decently on all terrain.

Why should you need the best women’s mountain bike?

There are many different types of the women’s mountain bike under 300 available in the market. These different types of mountain bikes are suitable for different roads. If you do not know the difference between them, you may end up buying the wrong bike for your next off-road journey. There are also some other reasons why you need to opt for these bikes. We have stated them below.

 Different types of bikes: 

  1. Cross-country: Lightweight construction that can offer a long ride of 25 miles.
  2. Trail: Most popular mountain bike. Mid-size wheel! Great control! Easy breaks! And can run on any surface.
  3. All-Mountain: Similar to Trail-bikes. But more suitable in rough, uneven terrain.

Features to tell you why you should opt for these bikes:

  • Wheels: Larger wheels give speed and efficiency to ride up hills and work out well for racing. Mid-size wheels can provide more control and are well designed for uphill and downhill riding.
  • Suspensions: Most mountain bikes have suspension. However, if your bike does not have a suspension, you may not want to opt for it. Without suspension, your dream of off-road biking can become a nightmare in reality. Opt for bikes with suspension for riding comfort.
  • Disc Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes are preferable as you don’t need to pay much pressure to stop bikes. It’s very much easy to handle, and you’ll get a quick response in comparison with rim brakes. Women’s mountain bikes have the quality best disc brakes.
  • Size: Women’s mountain bikes are available in all options. Choose your favorite one according to your height.

Now that we know why you should opt for these best mountain bikes available in the market, here are the

Top 10 women mountain bikes.

Top 10 women mountain bikes under $300 available in the market

There are various incredible mountain bikes designed for women. However, our researchers have spent many hours looking for the women’s mountain bike with the best features on the internet. Here is the top ten list of the best ones currently available in the market. Check them below.

#1. Mongoose status 2.2 Women’s Mountain Bike, 26- Wheels, 21- Speed Shifters

All of us have something we want to do for a long time. However, it seems there are always some other works that get in the way, and we cannot opt for what we want. However, now, with the Mongoose status 2.2 women’s mountain bike, you are finally the closest to make your dream come true. Hop on the highly comfortable seats of these 26″ Mongoose mountain bikes and fulfill your dream of going on offroad biking.

This bike features a solid and sturdy aluminum full suspension body that can swiftly deal with the bumps coming on the roads. This 2.2 is always ready to drive you to your next adventure. 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters can guarantee you to shift quickly. Also, it helps you get the perfect gearing for trails that you may encounter on your path. These bikes are one of the best affordable bikes available in the market.

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  • The aluminum MTB frame comes with a robust front suspension fork
  • 21-speed Shimano helps with smooth gear changes
  • It has a light, durable alloy rims perfect for mountain bikes
  • It comes with a riser handlebar with colored end plugs
  • Includes front and rear V brakes


  • It can be a little tall for some people.

#2. Hiland 26/27.5 Inch mountain bike aluminum frame 24 Speed with a lock-out suspension fork for women

The main criteria of a great mountain bike is it has to be great for off-road biking. This Hiland 26/27.5 is professionally designed to deal with any setbacks that one can experience off-road cycling. Sure, this mountain bike shares remarkable similarities with other bikes. However, it incorporates some incredible and distinctive features designed to enhance the durability and performance of rough terrains.

These bikes include some outstanding suspensions, large knobby tires with some durable wheels, and powerful brakes and straight handlebars. Also, it includes some lower gear ratios to help you climb some steep grades. These mountain bikes are easy to assemble as well, and the delivery package comes with the necessary assembly tools.

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  • It has some durable wheels
  • The braking system includes a double disc-brake
  • 85% pre-assembled mountain bike that comes with required assembly tools
  • Easy to assemble
  • 16″ frame, perfectly suited for a person who is anywhere between 5’1 – 5’9


  • There are no frame sizes to select from

#3. 24″ Royce Union RTT Womens 21-speed Mountain Bike, Aluminum frame, Trigger shift, White

The RTT 24″ is one of the best women’s mountain bike under 300. It is one of the most affordable mountain bikes currently available in the market. This bike will spark your thirst again to thrive at the off-roads. Besides, it is one of the most lightweight bikes with a strong and sturdy aluminum frame with front suspensions. This will absorb the shocks of the bumps and the uneven roads like no other.

Moreover, the linear-pull brakes are incredibly easy to use and reduce the chances of accidents. The precise and smooth trigger shifting with the 21 speeds is incredible, to say the least. This bike with a Shimano has made switching between gears smoothly, precisely, and easily.

You can change the gears with a little movement on your thumb that you don’t have to leave the handlebars ever again. The removable derailleur guards can protect the gears from damage too.

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  • It features a durable, lightweight aluminum frame
  • It includes 21 speeds with easier trigger shifting
  • The delivery package includes all the assembly tools
  • It consists of a height and angle adjustable padded saddle
  • It has a front steel suspension


  • There isn’t any place to keep a water bottle on the frame

#4. Roadmaster R8047WMDS Women’s Granite Peak Mountain Bike, 26″ Wheels Purple

The granite peak mountain bike from the Roadmaster is the master of off-road biking. This all-around mountain bike has a steel mountain frame with a front suspension fork to absorb the uneven terrains on your off-road expedition. This helps you a comfortable and easy ride no matter where you are. The knobby tires provide incredible security on the pavements or dirt roads.

Specially designed for the later ones, these bikes include alloy rims that add extra durability and stability to the rider. Even though having only 18-speed twist shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur, these mountain bikes allow them to get the maximum shifting performance out on the trail.

Moreover, Roadmaster is one of the most trusted American values in recreational bike riding for decades. Try opting for these affordable mountain bikes out there today.

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  • It includes a front suspension
  • It has a lightweight yet durable body
  • Roadmaster is one of the most trusted American bike brands
  • Knobby tires provide security on the oof-roads
  • It gives you a comfortable and easy ride


  • It has only 18-speed twist shifter challenges

#5. Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Mountain Bike

Mongoose Ledge Mountain Bike is specially customized for women. Attractive features are all over this bike. You’re getting white blaze new trails, 21 high-speed gear, 26-inch wheels. There are some great deals available on these Mongoose Ledge bikes.

The Ledge 2.1 is one of the perfect mountain bikes for experiencing an exciting ride on the hilly terrain. Also, you’ll feel a real adventure and can enjoy it a lot. Here, the Lightweight alloy rims with an aluminum suspension frame are available that increase the responsiveness and stability to face the unexpected turns and bumps of the trail.

Besides, Mongoose Ledge always offers a controlled and comfortable ride with a stable base. Full-suspension frames following the four-bar linkage make your journey more safe and relaxing.

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  • 26″ wheels give you better control over unexpected mountain bumps.
  • 21 high-speed gear is another huge hit!
  • Lightweight steel frames are strong enough to provide long runs on rocky mountains.
  • Ledge 2.1 provides smooth and safe riding with highly flexible brakes, important in up and downhills.
  • Solid paddles are well designed to grow your riding experience.


  • No such cons found

#6. Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ Ladies Mountain Bike

Roadmaster is one of America’s most trusted bikes. No wonder, they have got two incredible entries on our list of the women’s mountain bike. The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ is one of the most affordable and durable bikes with a steel mountain frame and front suspensions. These suspensions absorb the shock of bumpy roads like no other. It does not let the rider even feel the uneven terrains they are biking on.

Besides, the knobby tires are the perfect suit to do little biking on the pavements too. The twist-style SRAM shifters help you to shift your speed swiftly, as well. Unlike some other mountain bikes at this price, these bikes include the water bottle mount that allows you to stay hydrated while biking. These bikes have front, and rear handbrakes and alloy wheels with 3-piece crank assembled dimensions.

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  • SRAM shifters help to change speed swiftly
  • It includes a water bottle mount to help you to stay hydrated
  • Front suspensions absorb the shock of the bumpy roads
  • Knobby tires provide comfortable biking even on rough roads
  • Alloy wheels come with 3-piece crank assembled dimensions


  • It has only 18-speed shifters

#7. Huffy 26″ Trail Runner Women’s Mountain Bike, Black and Pink

Huffy Trail Runner gives you everything you need for the fun of mountain biking. The dual suspension with the suspension fork makes riding on the rocky hills easier than ever. Every ride on mountains will be more thrilling, with these Huffy 26″ trail runners available in the market. Even when you are riding these bikes on uneven pavements, it will be nothing less than an adventure.

From uneven terrain to sudden ups and downs, these incredible bikes promote smooth riding. It’s all about the rider’s safety and comfort. The specially made linear-pull brakes provide precise control for easy braking. There is a two-tone padded saddle customized for extra comfort, and you can easily adjust or remove it any time with a quick-release binder. The Huffy Trail has solid dual-suspension for the best shock absorption.

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  • It is designed to provide great performance
  • It includes a suspension fork and dual suspension steel frame in Black.
  • The 26″ wheels can easily provide the efficiency of riding up hills.
  • Easy brakes add an extreme impact to every ride.
  • Adjustable two-tone padded saddle.


  • No such cons found

#8. Dynacraft Mountain-bicycles Eco Ridge

The Dynacraft Mountain-bicycle Eco Ridge is one of the highly recommended mountain bikes by experts. It gives enough comfort and extremely precise controls to help you dominate a rider in any crest hill or uneven terrain. Having features like 18-speed index shifter gears, these women’s mountain bikes can provide you with the best off-road biking experience. There are three smooth and easy twist grip shifters offering speed in the front and six in the back.

The dependable solid linear-pull brakes are also available for safe and effortless riding. To accommodate smaller hands, front and back— both levers are designed to be adjustable as well. These Dynacraft mountain bikes are providing some attractive seats to their customers too. There is no need for any tools. Besides, the front portions are designed carefully. The special shock-absorbing properties make your ride smooth and flat.

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  • The super-adjustable seats are perfect for easy andcomfortable riding.
  • The quick liner brakes can make your journey safe andsmooth.
  • Dynacraft is providing an 18-speed index shiftinggears for better shifting of speed
  • Includes excellent shock absorbing solid Suspensions onthe front
  • Highly recommended women’s mountain bike by experts.


  • It only has 18-speed shifting gears.

#9. Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike for kids, Featuring 15-Inch/Small Steel Frame and 21-Speed

Mongoose makes one of the most durable, long-lasting mountain bikes for off-road riders. Eclipse mountain bikes are the ‘biggest hit’ on the rocky mountains filled with boulders and potholes. Besides, Eclipse is specially designed and colored for the kids. Having many attractive features, these bikes are one of the most favorite bikes for mountain bikers. This bike provides a 15-Inch small steel frame.

Moreover, there is a 21-Speed Shimano Drivetrain with Medium Wheels of 24″. Eclipse also includes a Kickstand to park the bikes efficiently. It’s really enjoyable and stylish. With Ecplise, kids can joy the rides in a hilly region. They can get the best experience with nature and enjoy their days riding in the locality in their leisure. Also, kids can ride easily with Ecplise in any season, on any surface.

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  • Includes a strong but lightweight steel frame
  • It has alloy medium wheels that help to get better control on the bike
  • The Shimano rear derailleur gives a smooth ride with great control
  • Incredibly solid linear-pull brakes are easy and simple for any kid.
  • You can adjust the shoe position and brake cables during assembly.


  • Wheel size is 24″ only

#10. Mongoose Maxim Girls Mountain Bike, 24-Inch Wheels

The 24-inch Mongoose Maxim aluminum full-suspension bike is one of the best bikes available in the market. These women mountain bikes offer great control with a smooth riding experience to the riders. The suspension fork in the front and the suspension frame increase the comfort level while you are riding on the uneven bumps around. This bike is perfect for a variety of terrains and bumpy roads.

The SRAM twist shifters make it easy to shift your speed. Also, the alloy linear-pull brakes are incredible to stop the bike from reducing the chances of accidents. Mongoose is one of the best-trusted bike manufacturing brands in the USA, and you can opt for these bikes for your next off-road adventure eyes closed. Try them today.

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  • The aluminum suspension frame maximizes comfort
  • Front suspension forks will make it easier to control the bike on bumpy roads
  • 21 speed Shimano with SRAM twist shifters makes it easy to change gears
  • Alloy linear-pull brakes will help to stop the bike real quick
  • 3-piece mountain crank for wide gear ranges


  • Wheel size is only 24.”

How to Choose the best mountain bike under 300 for women

Choosing the women’s mountain bike is an easy job. There are a few elements that you need to keep in mind when checking them out. Thus, we’ve listed out some best mountain bikes under 300 for women guidelines that could be helpful. Keep them in mind when buying a good mountain bike and other key custom comfort points that you would like.

  • Style of bike:

The bike should be comfortable on most surfaces. Your choice in the style of the bike is the first element. The style should foster better handling. There are many available today, so it is easy to find the right one: trail bikes, cross-country bikes, fat bikes, all-mountain bikes, downhill bikes.

  • Main fixtures:

Before making your purchase, assess the key fixtures on the best under $300 women’s mountain bike. If you are shopping online, test out the performance of these features yourself. Such fixtures don’t necessarily have to be the top-end choices, but they should do the job they’re made for. Simply check to see if they perform well, fit you and can be customized.

Also, keep in mind the frame, wheel size, brake functions, suspension, gears and quality of the materials used. Fixtures vary depending on the different specifications on every bike. Fixtures should be detachable so that you can remove and personalized them for a more custom fit.

  • Fitting:

This refers to how you feel when you are on the bike. That is, as soon as you are seated, does the bike feel awkward or just perfect? It’s a lot like checking the fit of clothing before buying them. Only here, you’re test fitting a mountain bike.

The correct fit ensures that you stay comfortable no matter how long you’re on the bike. All fixtures, attachments on the bike have to be taken with you as you ride. You should feel comfortable riding with them across canyons, uneven trails and heights.

Buying guide of the best under $300 women’s mountain bike

Buying Guide Of best women’s mountain bike under 300

In this bike buying guide, we give you a step-by-step process for choosing a good mountain bike. Give here are important details and questions one should think about when deciding on a suitable bike.

Riding Preferences:

It depends on what type of rider you are or plan on being. Basically, there are four kinds of bikers: experts, enthusiasts, beginners and occasional riders. Bass on their experience level, you can choose a bike that fits you.

> Occasional riders

For example, occasional riders only take their mountain bikes out for a spine around every week or month. They typically use it for running errands, cruising around, weekend camping or biking trips, etc. Such riders need a bike with just the basic specifications but one that’s still sturdy. Since they don’t use their bikes all that much, annual maintenance should suffice.

> Beginner 

These riders take the bike out daily or weekly to train on them. The bike doesn’t need to have top-end specifications but still needs to be very reliable. Here, it all comes down to the quality of the components and sound frame geometry. Trips taken on them are hours long and are on bike trails. Beginners shouldn’t have high expectations of their bike.

> Enthusiasts and experts    

If you race on mountain bikes, then pick a bike with excellent features that you won’t find on low-end bikes. Besides, racing mountain bikes are demanding and requires lots of care. They do offer a greater degree of adjustability and fine-tuning. For example, there are ways to tune the suspension, rebound, compression on the bike to suit your weight.


> Hardtails

The bikes feature front suspension for shock absorption and an efficient ride.

>Full Suspension

The bikes have front and rear suspension for smoother riding, but the bike gets heavier.

> Rigid

The bikes have no suspension and aren’t all that preferable when biking on mountain terrain. They work for fun rides.

User Guide of the best women mountain bike under 300usd

User Guide of the best women mountain bike under 300usd

  • Clean thoroughly:

Clean the bike immediately after use, and don’t let dirt, mud, debris dry on the frame. For this, you can use soapy water and a sponge; you could use specialized bike cleaning detergents. After wiping down the bike, give that chain a nice drive by holding it with a rag as you move the pedals. This way, the chain drives out fully.

  • Chain lubricant

Choose a lubricant that is suited for the season or place where you normally ride. Then begin applying it on the lower jockey wheel on the rear wheel. Apply a few drops here, and it will sit in the gears and work its way in the chain.

  • Check brakes

Do this after each ride: specifically, the brake pads to ensure that they have enough materials left on them. Plan when you need to change them or order them from your bike shop. Spin the wheel to make sure that the disc is running centrally through the pads. If brakes have any damages on them or are warped after riding, send your bike for servicing.

  • Condition of gear cables

Keep a check on gear cables – if you notice some friction on the shifter, these cables need to be changed.

  • Check tires and grips

Tires wear out faster than the grips and can puncture easily when they do. You could use a slightly warmer tire in the summer, but ensure you have fresh rubber tires fitted during the winters.

  • Check bearings

Move the headset left and right to check for any roughness or vibration while moving. The same goes for the front wheel, pedals, back bracket – it should spin freely with no roughness.

  • Check Drive train

Has this replaced before it’s too worn out? You can save money this way by replacing the set and the chainring at the same time. Take a closer look at the chainring to ensure that it’s got nice, uniform teeth on it and that they’re not worn down or chipped.

What is a good inexpensive mountain bike?

What is a good inexpensive mountain bike

There are good mountain bikes that don’t cost a fortune. So, if you’re interested in trail riding, you could easily find a good bike under 300. The trick lies in picking one that offers you great value for money.


With that in mind, many brands are now making bikes that can be used for commuting in addition to bike trailing and adventure. Also, you could use an affordable mountain bike to get to the office. They’re an affordable way to get more exercise or explore without leaving a carbon footprint.

Women-specific bikes

You could always use the same mountain bike that men do, but imagine using it on uneven, muddy terrain. Women’s mountain bikes have better suspension as women riders tend to be lighter than men. There are different kinds of bikes – front, full or no suspension. The bikes even have larger wheels for better movement in difficult terrains. They even have more lower-range gears and upright handlebars.


The size is measured in inches taking the frame as a reference. Bikes of a smaller size range – usually around 15 to 15.5 inches – are better for women. The actual sizing differs with each brand, so it’s better to take your measurement and then match it against the size chart.


Choose the number of gears on your bike based on the terrain you normally bike on. So, if you love hilly terrains, your mountain bike should have more gears to make easy work of challenging landscapes. Beginners must also consider more gears too. If you’re an experienced rider moving on flat surfaces, then a fewer number of gears should suffice.


The shape and distance of the handlebar from the saddle offer more comfort if designed well. There mustn’t be too much distance; otherwise, you’d have to overexert yourself. If the distance is too less, you will hunch over. Ideally, the handlebar height should be higher than that of the seat.

Top features of the best women mountain bike under 300

Mountain bikes are normally built on a unisex frame. Today many brands build women-specific bikes. Here, the bike builds have key differences that make them ideal for women riders. Such as narrower handlebars, wider seats, etc. Most of the women’s mountain bike under 300 should have most of the following features.

  • Saddle

All saddles are women-specific; they are narrower in the front and broader towards the back.

  • Sizes

A women-specific mountain bike will have a smaller frame size, unlike unisex lines that have a standard size.

  • Cockpit

The main control area is set up or designed for smaller hands, shorter arm lengths, and narrower shoulders. The headset features narrower handlebars, smaller grips, and easy to reach brakes.

  • Wheel size

Mountain bikes have fairly large wheels – ranging from 27.5 inches to 29 inches. Women’s bikes are smaller, but the 29 inches wheels can be swapped out for the 27.5 wheels. The handling, overall geometry isn’t impacted by increasing or decreasing wheel sizes.

  • Suspension

Women-specific bike suspension tunes are designed to fit the women’s height-to-weight ratio on the lighter side.

  • Sizing

You either have a small/medium/large sizing guide or measurements in inches: 13, 15, 17 and so on. For a better idea, look at the manufacturer guidelines for a height to bike size recommendation. Once you have the right size or are stuck between two sizes, take it for a test ride to determine the best fit.

  • Price

You can get a perfectly decent mountain bike for less. Focus on disc brakes over rim brakes as you get stopping power for wet/muddy conditions. We’d recommend not going for full suspension in the under 300 range as they might be inefficient. Try a hardtail instead, without rear suspension if its falls in your budget.

Under 300: Look for steel-forked, alloy frame rigid bikes or a hardtail. The bike should have 18 gears and a triple crankset, hydraulic or mechanical-disc brakes.

300 to 500: A hardtail with an alloy frame with 21 or 24 gears, double crankset, hydraulic or mechanical-disc brakes.

Why did We recommend Those women’s mountain bikes under 300?

Why did We recommend Those women’s mountain bikes under 300

There is no doubt that many brands offer bikes for under 300. A cost-effective bike is one that has all the essential features and doesn’t break the bank. It is possible to get your money’s worth when you know what to look for. Besides, if you know where to shop, you could find a bike with an alloy frame, 27.5-inch wheels, cable disc brakes, knobbly tires, suspension fork. With the right specifications, the bike could even give you more performance too. There is an extensive range of bikes that let you choose from various sizes.

To be honest, when you shop for bikes under 300, you’ll get many bikes that won’t function on regular surfaces. Some may even feature inferior suspension forks that are stiff and stop working after a month. You will even find several suspension bikes as well, but it’s recommended to leave them.

These may feature basic coil shocks that offer minimal bounce but often lack a damper. So, the bikes don’t have a very smooth, stable ride when you need it. Other bike models have basic bushings and plate linkages that flex a lot and loosen over time. The weight and suspension fork are the other expected compromises.

So, these are just some reasons to do some research before finding the best women’s mountain bike under 300. With our help here, you can easily get the best ones at or under 300. If you’re able to stretch the budget, it’s even easier to get a bike with more performance. In fact, the 300 to 500 price range has many bike options with better specifications and components that are durable, low-maintenance, and cheaper.

Moreover, the right bike is one that gives you what you need and has quality to it regardless of the price. Take time when doing the basic groundwork on knowing your needs and what’s most important when it comes to riding. Whether it’s speed, comfort or exploration, you can decide on what’s best.

Should I size up or down for a mountain bike?

You get various sizes of mountain bikes, with many of them are slacker, longer now. If your ideal bike is between sizes, you can size up or down and enjoy these benefits.


Reach is adjusted to suit a longer torso. Size up your mountain bike to get a natural fit. A shorter frame gives you more flexibility and hip motion and is suited for a low, aggressive riding position. When you aren’t sure of the sizing, you could end up with a bike that has a shorter reach and a longer stem. You can try the next frame size and even change the stem after purchasing the bike in many cases.

Longer wheelbase

A bigger frame means a larger wheelbase, where the distance between the wheels is greater. This gives you a sturdier feel and ride. Sizing up could give you this finish, and fits a longer torso, if you’re flexible and lets you ride flat over terrain.

Upright riding

This is what you get when you size down your bike. Smaller bike sizes have shorter wheelbases and reach. The standover height gets lowered as well, and you may have to extend the seat post for an optimal pedaling position. So, if you have longer legs and need that extra flexibility, try going for a shorter size.

Shorter Wheelbases

Bikes with shorter wheelbases tend to ride easily. They do have a longer cockpit for lower, aggressive riding suited for riders with exceptional fitness and endurance. Consider this before sizing down the bike. If you have a shorter torso, are less flexible, and want a casual ride position, then you can size down.

Faq/Question and Answer

What kind of gearings to expect?

Bikes under 300 have 1x drivetrains normally, with a single chainring on the cranks. The drivetrains are low maintenance and simple, quiet, don’t drop chains. On the rear, you have a minimum of 10 speeds with a tighter gear jump range.

Can I get suspension on these bikes?

Yes, most under-300 bikes do feature suspension forks and even decent full-suspension systems too. You could either get an air-sprung or coil-sprung suspension forks, where the air-sprung forks provide higher tuning options for resistance levels.

They offer a better fit to the rider based on riding style and weight but are costlier. A hardtail bike is lighter and has better parts. Full suspension bikes offer better control and comfort.

What kind of frame build should I look for?

Frame build determines the strength, price, longevity, weight, and rides quality. Aluminum alloy is popular because it gives you all these benefits. There are lighter aluminum frames that reduce weight but are costly as they feature unique tubing designs etc.

Then you have carbon fiber, steel, and titanium too. Steel is tough, cheap, and ensures smoother rides but adds weight. Titanium and carbon fiber are light and strong but costly.


Are you looking for a robust mountain bike? Don’t want to spend over 300? Then you’re in the right place. Given above is a quick but comprehensive guide on the best under 300 women’s mountain bike. We’ve even given you a few good points, views, and thoughts on how you can pick an excellent bike for yourself too.

You could be a beginner or an avid women’s mountain bike. You don’t have to break the bank when getting a new mountain bike.

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