Best Beginner Road Bike Under $500 – Reviews in 2022

Cycling is one of the remarkable ways to keep the environment less polluted nowadays. With the ever-increasing number of cars and other motor vehicles on our streets, cycling is the most cost-efficient way to reach your destination without polluting the environment.

Nowadays, there are cycling trails, dedicated bike lanes, and more for cyclists on the streets. Here, we will tell you about the budgeted best beginner road bike under $500 to help you find the perfect bike for yourself.

Top chart of the road bike for beginner

Top chart of the road bike for beginner
Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike with Integrated Shifters
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Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C road bike Shimano 21 speed racing bicycle 53cm 56cm
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Vilano R2 Commuter Alum
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Eurobike 21speed shifting system road bike 49/54/56 cm frame 700c wheel
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Eurobike Bikes HYXC550 700c Wheels 21 speed shifting road bike dual disc brake road bicycle
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Eurobike XC550 Road Bike 21 speed 49cm Frame 700c
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Hiland road bike aluminum frame 700c racing bike with 14 speeds Drivetrain
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Hiland road bike 700c racing bike aluminum city commuter bicycle with 21 speed
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Eurobike OBK XC550 Road bike 700c wheels 21-speed disc brake men or women bicycle cycling
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Max4out road bike featuring 14/21 speed, 700c wheel
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Why should you need the best beginner road bike under $500?

Owning an entry-level bike can unfold new horizons for you. It allows you to move across different streets, witness new places and explore things around ourselves.

However, with so many beginner road bikes available in the market, it becomes really tough to decide that which one of them would best fit our requirements and budget.

Thus, our guide would be helping you to choose the best beginner road bike. Read on.

Vilano Forza 4.0

If you are one of those looking for a cycle that will help you nurture your skills and make your career towards competitive cycling, this might be the one for you.

Vilano Forza 4.0 is a beginner road bike under $500 for helping you to manage across difficult surfaces. It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame with integrated shifters.

Poseidon Triton

A lot of experts say that this bike is the best when it comes to polishing your skills from casual riding to true road style. It will actually enable you to do good and support an upright position for riding with utmost relaxation.

This bike is more focused on tight gearing that is further designed for optimal performance, even on sturdy surfaces.

Vilano Shadow 3.0

The best thing about this bike is that it would allow you to keep using it till the time you have enhanced your cycling skills. It shall fit right in your budget as well as would meet up to your expectations.

Not just that it comes with a lightweight aluminum frame, but at the same time, the 700 cc double walled CNC machine wheels are just apt to meet up to your requirements to the fullest.

Top rated 10 beginner road bikes Under 500usd

Biking is a great way to exercise and experience the world around you. Road bikes are perfect for this as they offer a more upright riding position that promotes good posture, making it easier on your back.

The best part? You can find a road bike under 500usd! In this article we will review the top 10 beginner road bikes under 500usd.

Here are a few of the best beginner road bikes available in the market. Check them out below for more:

#1. Vilano Shadow 3.0 Road Bike with Integrated Shifters

The Vilano Shadow bikes are the latest speedy road bikes. These entry-level bikes are perfect for the toddlers of cycling, exercise, or for the weekend club rides too.

Featuring the brake lever integrated shifters, this lightweight aluminum frame with the integrated headset is an incredible choice for cycling. The integrated shifters are precise and provide controllable braking; this system works perfectly.

The Vilano Shadow 3.0 is an enhanced model of comfort, adaptability and will take you everywhere. Besides, the assembly of these bikes is really simple. The ergonomically designed frames are here for durability.

Vilano Shadow 3.0, with all its incredible features, will take you wherever you want. Here, we have mentioned some advantages and shortcomings of these bikes too.

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  • Integrated brakes lever/ shifters with 14 speeds.
  • 6061 double-butted aluminum frame with integrated headset
  • 700c doubled walled CNC machined sides
  • Very ergonomically designed bike stands for durability
  • Callipers brakes and free pedals included


  • Buyers may have to opt for a kickstand.

#2. Trinx TEMPO1.0 700C road bike Shimano 21 speed racing bicycle 53cm 56cm

The 700C hydroformed AI6061 aluminum alloy frames make these bikes durable. The ergonomic design is also very lucrative for the customers of this model.

These bikes with 530mm height are perfect for people from 5’6 to 5’10. However, the designers have also created a 560mm model to suit the height range from 5’10 to 6’2. The Trinx hi-ten steel forks are one of the strongest in the market.

Besides, the TEMPO 1.0 has Shimano A050 shifters with whooping 21-speed options. Besides, there are more to lure the customers towards these bikes. The Cst 700*25c tires with alloy double wall rim make the wheels the strongest of these bikes.

The KMC C50 chain provides more efficiency. Try these bikes today for more.

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  • 700c hydroformed AI6061 aluminum alloy for durability
  • Shimano 21 speed road bike with 25lbs net weight body
  • The Cst 700*25c colorful tires with alloy double wall rim make these bikes more robust and durable.
  • Trinx Hi-Ten steel fork attached
  • Different models to suit riders of different height


  • No such cons found

#3. Vilano R2 Commuter Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed 700c

With the brand name of Vilano bikes, this more improved and more performance-enhanced R2 commuter road bike is one of the easiest choices on our list.

This entry-level road bike designed to last long is built on a 6061 lightweight aluminum frame. This features thumb shifters for more convenience. One of the most fantastic features of these bikes is its mount points on the frame for your bottle cage.

These bikes make it an excellent commuter. This R2 Vilano bike is the best buy for beginners and those looking to be involved more in cycling for health concerns or others.

The 21 speed and 700c make these bikes one of the best for beginners at an affordable range. Try these incredible bikes for more.

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  • 21 speed is even more than what the first Vilano bike had
  • Thumb shifters with rear index 7-speed and front friction 3-speed is a comfortable ride
  • Alloy caliper brakes add more to safety
  • 6061 lightweight aluminum frame makes it more durable
  • 700*25c double walled CNC alloy machined sides make the wheels one of the strongest on the list.


  • You may have to buy kickstands separately.

#4. Eurobike 21speed shifting system road bike 49/54/56 cm frame 700c wheel

These road bikes from Eurosport are among the best road bikes available in the market. The people in Eurosport have designed this beast after years of research and study. These bikes have a 21-speed transmission system which is incredible at this price.

These transmissions can cope with complex road and weather conditions. This can easily deal with up and down slopes, dirt roads, and top winds. There are two different types of models of these road bikes designed to suit the different heights of the riders.

Besides, this bike arrived 85% assembled. All you need to do is assemble the wheels, the pedals, the seat, handlebar, and you are good to go.

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  • It has a 21-speed transmission system to help the rider in challenging conditions
  • Comes with curved road bikes handlebars. It can reduce the resistance of riding strokes
  • 700*28c road bike tires can reduce unnecessary bumps caused by uneven roads.
  • Made with high-carbon steel, these bikes are designed to last.
  • Different models to suit the different heights of its riders.


  • Ensure the front brake is on the left side of the bike, or the gear and brake system will collapse.

#5. Eurobike Bikes HYXC550 700c Wheels 21 speed shifting road bike dual disc brake road bicycle

This bicycle from Eurobike is one of the best bikes available in the market. If you are opting for a durable option for the beginner road bike under 500, you are currently looking at the best choice.

The high-quality steel frame road bike with a dual disc brake and 21-speed shifting system is one of the best choices you can make for yourself. The aluminum multi spokes and 3 spoke magnesium alloy wheels provide options for you to choose between them.

The free pedals and comfortable seats are always included in the package. These bikes also come almost assembled. You need to attach a few things to it, and you are ready to go. Try them now for more.

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  • High-quality steel frame road bike with dual disc brake
  • Different models for riders of different heights.
  • It arrives almost assembled at your home.
  • The package includes pedals and a comfortable setting.
  • It is a road bike with 700*28c tire and road bike handlebars for stability while riding.


  • The handlebars are not adjustable.

#6. Eurobike XC550 Road Bike 21 speed 49cm Frame 700c

This is the third entry from Eurobike in our list of the best bikes for beginners at an affordable range. The 21-speed shifting system will ensure the brakes for safety at any speed. These bikes are designed to keep the safety of the rider in mind.

This speed shifting system is going to help if anything. The dual disc brake power is a fantastic power for the rider. You can easily stop your bike whenever you want, wherever you want.

In addition, these road bikes are blessed with curved bike handlebars that reduce the risk of resistance during riding. This way, you can make your rides a lot faster and labor-saving.

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  • 21-speed shifting system to ensure you to brake for safety
  • Dual disc brakes provide incredible stopping power
  • Road bike features curved handlebars
  • Includes 700*28c tires can effectively reduce unnecessary bumps on the road.
  • An excellent bike for new riders.


  • No such cons were found.

#7. Hiland road bike aluminum frame 700c racing bike with 14 speeds Drivetrain

Road biking is fun. It is even more fun when you can improve your fitness, do a little cardio, and reach your destination all at once. Many incredible people are trying to get involved with cycling more than ever. This can be an amazing choice for the new riders.

These bikes offer speed, efficiency and agility altogether in one bike. Hiland road bikes with an aluminum frame and a 700c tire can be an excellent choice for beginners in the cycling world.

The high-quality frame is designed with durable aluminum that provides a reliable and lightweight cycling experience that many pro cyclists want from their bikes. You can also ride this bike very comfortably in the city. Besides, these bikes also come more than half assembled.

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  • The high-quality aluminum alloy frame makes these bikes very durable
  • The double alloy caliper brakes are strong brakes to stop the bike.’
  • Perfect for a comfortable ride inside the city.
  • It comes 85% pre-assembled
  • Different models to suit riders of all sizes.


  • Only 14 speeds are available in these bikes.

#8. Hiland road bike 700c racing bike aluminum city commuter bicycle with 21 speed

This bike is an incredible quality bike with an ultralight aluminum frame that makes it easy to carry. The brake system of these bikes comes with double caliper brakes. It can be used comfortably to ride on the city roads, which is perfect for beginners.

The 700c wheels will offer a high-speed experience of a road bike. Besides, the different sizes make it a suitable ride for riders of various heights and sizes. The Shimano 21-speed can be used for different sections of the ride. It also provides you with a reliable boost.

Road biking is a fun way to improve your fitness. However, as a beginner, you might not want to try a high-functioning bike at first. If that is the case, these bikes are a perfect choice, available at an affordable range. Try these bikes today.

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  • Designed with high-quality, ultralight aluminum.
  • Perfect for a comfortable ride in the city
  • The 700c wheels offer a high-speed experience
  • The bike arrives 85% pre-assembled
  • Different sizes are available to suit the different heights of riders.


  • It does not include disc brakes

#9. Eurobike OBK XC550 Road bike 700c wheels 21-speed disc brake men or women bicycle cycling

This is another incredible bike from Eurobike that will also be an incredible choice for you if you are looking for a beginner road bike under 500. These lightweight bikes include front and rear dual disc brakes that make the brakes more sensitive.

With these brakes, you can stop your bike whenever you want. The aluminum alloy is incredibly sturdy and durable and promotes durability for these bikes too. The 21 speed makes the speed change smoother and safer for your bikes.

Besides, the 49 and 54cm frames for different height riders open these bikes to a wider range of customers at affordable prices. Besides, the company also provides after-sales services to keep your bike in the best condition for longer.

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  • These aluminum alloy frame made bikes are lightweight yet durable
  • 21 speed makes the speed change more smoothly
  • The dual disc brakes make the brakes more sensitive.
  • Different height frames for other height riders.
  • After-sales services can make your worry-free easily
  • Tools needed for assembly are there in the packages


  • No such cons were found.

#10. Max4out road bike featuring 14/21 speed, 700c wheel

Max4out bikes make your life easier and healthier. This is one of the best beginner road bikes at affordable prices. The aluminum alloy frame with endurance geometry provides more durability than any other design.

The shifters with 700c wheel and power 21 grip shifter are some of the best benefits of having these incredible bikes with double disc brakes. The braking system of these bikes is very little talked about.

These dual disc brakes available with these bikes are braking systems to keep your bike under control. It can easily tackle the little bumps on the road with its 700c tires.

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  • Max4out bikes make your life healthier
  • Disc brakes make the ride safe
  • 700c wheel can tackle the little bumps on the road easily
  • The aluminum alloy frame makes it more durable.
  • Assembly is easy as it arrives 85% assembled to your home.


  • There is a recommended limit for riders.

These were some of the best beginner road bikes under $500, according to our research. Now that you know about the list, here is a little more about why we recommend these bikes.

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How to choose a beginner road bike?

In case you are a newbie to biking, choosing a good road bike among so many available options in the market can be really intimidating for you. However, here we are going to make it easier for you.

We have expert tips to help you in choosing the best beginner road bike that will not just meet your specifications but at the same time will get into your budget as well.

Choose one that meets your general essential criteria

Since you see a lot of options, it becomes really difficult to decide that which one of them would actually meet your requirements.

Well, you should be checking the general essential criteria carefully and figure out if the model matches your preference for the bike’s height, weight, or style.

Consider your comfort

Most people usually prefer to get a bike that is lightweight yet durable at the same time. You might get a lot of models when it comes to choosing the best beginner road bike.

However, different people experience things differently. Therefore, it is absolutely up to you that how would you want the bike to feel like and perform.

Have a look at the handlebars and the saddle

You need to check the handlebars, the saddle, and the thumb shifters. Since you will be riding this bike for a really long time, you would obviously want to get yourself a model that will not cramp down or fall off.

Also, you must be well aware of the kind of road where you would be riding this bike, and then, based on that, you must be deciding whether you would need a sturdy frame or a normal aluminum one.

Buying guide of a beginner road bike

Road bikes are more popular than other types of bicycles, as you may wonder. The road bike, from our viewpoint, is an ideal entry-level bike for beginners.

Considering that we live primarily in urban areas, road bikes are the vehicles of choice to get around. We’re going to assume that you decided on a road bike before we delve into the details of our review.

Bike build

Bicycles designed specifically for cruising on a flat surface are known as road bikes. Additionally, their lightweight frames, drop-bar handlebars, and skinny 700c wheels make them convenient to use.

Steel, aluminum alloy, titanium, and carbon fiber frame materials constitute the majority of road bike frames.

Road bicycles are suitable for anyone

Regardless of weight, height, or other factors, road bikes are an effective vehicle for all cyclists. Everyone can ride a road bike. We have covered all the information you need to know when purchasing a road bike.

Budget and style

Beginners can get started with a road bike. A road bike is a vehicle of choice to get around an urban area because most of us live there. You should look for a budget road bike for beginners or an entry-level road bike if you are a novice.

If you can spend $300 to $5,000 on a road bike, you may be able to find an entry-level model that meets your needs.

It is possible to categorize a road bike into many categories, such as conventional road bikes, gravel road bikes, speedy road bikes, and off-the-beaten-path bikes. However, we recommended those new to biking opt for a regular road bike suitable for riding on flat, paved surfaces.


A budget bike with gear configurations is one of the essential components for beginners to improve their speed and endurance. A bicycle can have a rear cassette between seven and eight gears, while others have between 10 and 13 gears.


With this deal, you can own a beginner’s road bike made of steel or aluminum at a low price. This is a durable and comfortable option made of steel. Aluminum weighs less than steel, however.

User guide of the best beginner road bike

While buying the best beginner road bike, you have to consider various facts. Several things make a bike the best bike. Especially if you are a daily commuter, you will have to deal with different aspects.


Considering the time that one takes to travel, the bike needs to be efficient enough to transport you from one place to another within minimum time. You must also consider the material of the bike. There are various parts like the disc brake and the frame that need to be user-friendly.


Moreover, comfort is one significant consideration that will help you to ride the bike with maximum convenience. Most of these bikes come in disassembled form. It is a good idea to get such a bike as you can assemble it as your preference.

You can also take this bike to any local bike shop to get it done. Most of the mechanical error occurs in the case of the beginners’ cycle as the owner cannot assemble it correctly. Surprisingly certain features can make your road bike one of the best.

The inbuilt time trial brakes help you to race against the time. However, if you are a sports freak person, this bike ride will be an exciting thing.

However, one can use some of these bikes for touring. Companies designed these bikes to provide maximum comfort. It is pretty convenient to use these bikes as they are one of the great choices for every commuter who wants to travel a long distance.

It can also do double duty as a commuting bike or a touring bike. The specific aerodynamic mechanism provided by the manufacturer in such a bike makes it ideal for usage.

Finding your perfect bike can be a lot of tasks, but once you go through this article, it is inevitable that you will come up with one such product that can be your to-go product.

How do I know what road bike to buy?

The benefits of road biking are many, including improved fitness, meeting new people, and enjoying the beautiful scenery at a slower pace than driving in a speeding car.

Speed, agility, and efficiency are the best features of the best bikes – but before you head to a bike store, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you ride your bike now? Do you ride a mountain bike or a road bike?
  • Look for sites that provide detailed information about the various types of bikes on the market.
  • Are your friends riding any particular style of bike and advising you to buy one?
  • The cost of high-end road bikes may be as high as $10,000. (Make sure you include items like bike shoes, clothing, and essential repair equipment in your budget as well.)
  • What are the bike shop’s expertise level in terms of frame materials, geometry, and components?

Functions of road bike

In contrast to urban, touring, and commuter bikes, many road bikes lack rack attachment points. But this does not mean that you can’t use a road bike for commuting; it only means that you will need to carry your gear in a daypack or messenger bag instead of panniers mounted to the bike.

Certain build factors make road bikes stand out:

  • Fitness enthusiasts, event riders, and competitive riders can benefit from this bike type.
  • A paved surface (roads, bike paths) is preferred; unpaved and rough surfaces are not recommended.
  • Compared to other types of bikes, they can travel farther and faster.
  • Vehicle-supported multiday tours are possible with them, but they tend not to be capable of carrying heavy loads.

Key features on a road bike

While road bike frames might appear similar, there are significant differences between them. Road bikes generally have sport geometry (recreational geometry).

These bikes are an excellent choice for someone who rides up to 150 miles per week at least three times per week. In addition, performance bikes are more relaxed than road bikes because of their upright riding position and relaxed steering.

Competitive users prefer road bikes for their performance geometry. These bikes are more aerodynamic and responsive to steering input because the rider stretches out and is more flexible. Besides, performance bikes are known for stiff frames, lightweight wheels, and strong, expensive components.

  • All components, including the frame, are very light.
  • Some mountain bikes come with flat bars, while others have a drop handlebar.
  • Tires and wheels that are narrow.
  • Forks made from carbon fiber composites.
  • There is no suspension at the front or back.
  • The bike styles and sizes are different for men and women

Top Features of the best beginner road bike under 500usd

Most people usually tend to opt for a bike that will meet their specifications in terms of the price range, but that shouldn’t be the scenario. This is because you should be trying to find out a motorbike that will offer you the utmost comfort.

Choosing the best beginner road bike isn’t an easy job, and you must see to the advances in the bike technology as well apart from just the price point. Here are a few important features to consider before selecting the best beginner road bike under 500 dollars:

Selecting the frame

Choosing the right frame, be it of aluminum or steel, you must select it based on your requirement. It is usually recommended to cut weight on the frames. However, this is absolutely based on your preference.

Consider buying entry-level drivetrains

The entry-level drivetrains are usually very basic, and they are set to accommodate the requirement of beginner riders.

Well, finding the best beginner road bike under $500 with hydraulic brakes may become a little difficult at this price range and that’s when you should be opting for a cable-actuated disc brake bike.

Total weight of the bike

You must be counting the overall weight of the bike before selecting it. However, most bikes that are available today tend to opt for heavier frames and components, as well as heavy wheelsets

Color and style

Now that you have already seen the basic requirements, the color and style of the model is essential parameter to fix your purchase.

Often, you might shift to a different model only because you didn’t get that suitable color that you have been looking for! However, that’s not always though!

Why we recommended those road bikes

There are various reasons to recommend these bikes for you. Here, we are going to mention a few of them below:

Look after your health

Cycling is an incredible way to manage your weight, keep your heart functioning perfectly and more. Improving leg strength or working more on your core muscles, whatever your goal is, cycling is an incredible way to help you with those.

Cycling can also boost your mental health. This can ease the feeling of stress, anxiety, or depression. While cycling, you will be focusing more on the road and less on the dark sides of your mind.

Therefore, you will improve concentration and awareness. It might help you to focus away from the mental chatter of your day too.

Environment-friendly transportation option

This is an environment-friendly transportation option for us. Also, it is one of the best transportation options in recent times.

With the number of increasing vehicles in our streets, pollution also increases in our environment. Using cycling can help you reduce gas combustion. This will help you save money on gas, as well as reduce pollution from the environment.

It is excellent for beginners

It is a simple bike ride. Whenever you have difficulty with the standard bikes, these bikes are an incredibly effective alternative. You can always try cycling at low intensity when you are new to fitness or bouncing back from an injury. It is another huge benefit of having these bikes.

Keep these little things in mind. These are some of the best reasons why we recommend these best beginner road bikes under $500. Try these bikes today for more.

What is the quickest road bike?

When you buy any road bike, one thing you should always consider is your height. You should buy a road bike that is about 2 inches taller than the total inseam length. If you follow these criteria, you will get optimal comfort.

There are various road bikes that you will find in the market, but the best and the quickest ones have thin rims and lightweight frames.

It offers improved ergonomics along with durable wheels. The fastest and the best bike features quick-release levers on the tires and a proper seat adjustment mechanism.

Schwinn bike

If you check the Schwinn bike, you will see that it is lightweight and one of the best choices for any athlete or commuter. The agile steering and the lightweight formulation of this bike make it the quickest road bike.

The best part is that you can assemble the bike quickly. But you need to check out the fit of that bike before you purchase the same.

If you are a fitness freak, you can take up this quickest road bike as it has the potential to provide a killer workout. The agility of this road bike lives up to the expectation of the brand name of the Schwinn.

Vitus Razor

Apart from that, you can also take up Vitus Razor, which is an excellent bike for cyclists. It is a great bike that comes with high-end features. However, the gear range is small. Besides, you can work on the budget by having a touch of luxury.

Eurobike XC550

Suppose you are looking for a gender-specific road bike; you can choose the Eurobike XC550. It is the best entry-level fastest bike for women.

The European racing style and the disc brakes make it the best and durable bike. Moreover, the bold design and the sporty outbuild make it the best.


Now that you have already made up your mind to buy the best beginner road bike under $500, it is quite obvious for you to have questions running in your mind.

Well, we have an answer to all your questions. Here are a few commonly asked FAQs about beginner road bikes:

Can you find the best beginner road bike under $500?

Yeah, without a doubt! There are plenty of options if you want to opt for the best beginner road bikes under the range of 500 dollars.

All you need is to surf a bit and you will have an ample number of options right before you, and you may select any one of them that meets both your budget and criteria.

How do you find the best beginner bike?

The main spec for choosing a beginner bike is to see if the model meets all your specifications to the fullest. If you are aspiring for a beginner road cyclist, you should be keener towards finding a bike that fits your style and budget at the same time.

How long do you expect your bike to long?

In general, it might last till 5 years. However, in certain cases, it may last for a lifetime as well. Therefore, a seasonal tune-up is mandatory!

Are expensive models better to opt for?

Well, for a beginner who didn’t have hands-on exposure so far, they won’t be able to notice the difference much.

Of course, the expensive models are better than the entry-level ones as they tend to have better build quality, really cool features and come with superior parts. However, for a beginner, he must try sticking to the beginner bikes only.


Cycling is one of the best ways of commuting. It tends to keep a person healthy and fit. In addition to that, it is the cheapest way of going out and enjoying it.

If you care about the environment, you would never agree more about the benefits of cycling. You will not go wrong if you pick any one of the best beginner bikes under $500.

As for the beginner, easiness and comfort are the two main factors that one looks for. You may not have such a massive budget for getting a beginner road bike. But a bike with lightweight frames and fork and reliable performance can come within your budget.

In the end, you will love flawless riding due to the durable construction. Once you become comfortable, you will enjoy writing your beginner road bike daily for commuting. It is a myth that getting hold of one expensive road bike will give you better service.

With the beginners’ bike also you can build up your cycling prowess. Also, the list of bikes that comes under $500 can offer you superior builds. But most importantly, these bikes fit your budget and help you with your journey.

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